About Florence

Find your guide to the Florence community here! We've laid out a basic profile of our community so you can get a better sense of what it's like to live and work here.

We have a lot to offer - a mild climate, an eager workforce, the infrastructure you need for success, and many desirable amenities. Did you know that the Florence Events Center is equipped to host events with 400+ attendees? And did you know that our Pacific View Business Park features high-speed fiber-optic internet hook-ups? Follow the links below to learn more about how our community will support you!

  • Community Overview - population, location & weather, housing, cost of living, schools, and health care
  • Florence's Workforce - labor pool, key industries, wages, the retired "returnment" community
  • Demographics - age, race, ethnicity, income
  • Infrastructure - internet, transportation, utilities, Florence Airport, Port of Florence
  • Amenities - lodging, library, Florence Events Center, recreation

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