Five Steps to Opening Your Business

Thinking about locating your business in Florence? Let us help you! 

Just follow these Five Steps to set yourself up with the City. If you are a NEW business that needs help developing your business model, setting up a tax-structure, and registering your business, get in touch with the Lane Small Business Development Center. They're a great local resource that can walk you through the complicated legal side of business development.

Step 1. Understand your site's zoning

Before occupying an existing building or constructing a new facility, you'll want to make sure your proposed uses are permitted in the property's zone. Staff from our building and planning departments are happy to help you navigate the zoning map and the zoning code. Stop by and see us! 

*SKIP to Step 4 if you are NOT going to build a new structure or modify the existing structure.*

Step 2. Obtain permits required to build or modify your property

If your proposed uses meet the criteria of the zoning code, you can apply for a building permit. Come visit us at the Building Department to learn about what permits you need and what supporting documentation you'll need for your permit application(s).

Step 3. Pay System Development Charges (SDCs)

We hope your business draws in customers and new employees, but we have to make sure we can maintain the streets and water system your customers and employees will use. By charging an up-front fee for improvements to the streets and water system, Florence can have lower monthly utility rates and fees. Building staff will walk you through the process of calculating your SDCs.

Step 4. Get your business license

Now you're ready to officially start your business! Visit the City Recorder's office and we'll help you determine which license is right for your business.

Step 5. Meet your neighbors and grow your business!

Florence's businesses look out for each other. Consider joining the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce to receive excellent member benefits, and don't forget to stop by and tell us how you're doing! We love to hear about your contributions to our community and are here to help in any way we can.

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