Florence's Workforce - Ready to Work!

Florence's workforce is ready and waiting. Learn more about our workers and economy below.

Worker Demographics

Total Primary Jobs


Percent of Population in Labor Force


Jobs by Worker Age

Age 29 or younger: 18%

Age 30 to 54: 50%

Age 55 or older: 32%

Education for Population 25+

Less than High School: 8%

High School or equivalent: 27%

Some College or Associate Degree: 42%

Bachelor's Degree or higher: 23%

Median Household Income


Key Industries

Top 5 Industries by Employment (2013)

  1. Education, Health Care, Social Assistance - 26%

  2. Retail Trade - 22%

  3. Accommodation and Food Services - 21%

  4. Ag, Forestry, Fishing, and Construction - 6%

  5. Other Services (excluding Public Administration) - 5%

‚ÄčTourism is Florence's biggest employment sector - combined, tourism-related industries make up 26% of employment, according to Oregon Employment Department reports.

Major Employers

Top 4 Employers

  1. Three Rivers Casino Resort

  2. Peace Harbor Medical Center

  3. Driftwood Shores Resort

  4. Fred Meyer


Jobs by Earnings

$1,250 per month or less: 29.5%

$1,251 - $3,333 per month: 47.5%

More than $3,333 per month: 23%

An Overlooked Population

Florence has a large, happy retirement community. Most people think that retirement means the end of work, but that's a myth! A 2014 Merrill Lynch study revealed that 7 in 10 pre-retirees say they WANT to work after they retire. Florence's post-retirement "returnment" community is ready and waiting – they're highly educated, extremely experienced, and could be an excellent part-time addition to your business!

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