Growing Your Business

Florence's businesses are the key to the city's continued vitality. That's why our number one priority is giving our existing businesses the support they need to thrive. Check out the resources we offer below, and don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything else we can do to help. 

Street Beautification

We're committed to giving your customers a pleasant experience by maintaining and beautifying the areas around our commercial districts. If there's a project you'd like us to work on, let us know! Submit your request via email, or come see us in person.

External Resource for Your Business

We maintain a list of resources that might be of use to your business. We update the list as we get new information. Please click here to check it out!

Give us your suggestions!

We are currently in the process of developing more resources for Florence businesses, so please let us know what YOU need. Click here to submit your suggestions, or stop by and tell us in person.

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