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Located on the Oregon Coast, Florence is a modern and forward-looking city whose people know a striving business economy is at the heart of making a great living community. This website is here to help you start, locate or grow your businesses in Florence, Oregon.



Facts about Florence


  • $2M in new urban development 
  • 4G cellular network
  • Fiber high-speed internet
  • Energy Costs
    • Commercial electricity rates are 28% less than the national average
    • Residential electricity rates are 34% less than the national average
    • Industrial electricity rates are 39% less than the national average
  • Low property taxes
  • 5-minute average commute time
  • 1 hr-drive from Eugene
  • 600 businesses made it their home, and of course a great place to live year-round with plenty of activities, well rated high school and Lane Community College.


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Florence is a city in Lane County, on the Oregon Coast. It lies at the mouth of the Siuslaw River on the Pacific Ocean
50 miles west of Eugene.


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city overview

urban development


Florence welcomes all businesses

From manufacturing to professional services, all businesses are welcome in Florence. The community’s unique access to natural resources, proximity to higher-education, and robust infrastructure provides certain industries of focus an opportunity to thrive in Florence. With an open and creative culture, all ideas and entrepreneurs can feel at home.

Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear firms like to operate from a location rich in the resources to which they cater. With immediate access to beaches, dunes, lakes, rivers and forests, Florence can continue to expand the active goods and apparel industry. Seizing the opportunity, a world renowned sandboarding company made Florence its home.

Craft Food / Beverages

Craft Food / Beverages, a growing segment of the $21 billion US food industry can be found in local breweries, cheese production, coffee roasters, chocolates and bakeries. Florence is preparing a new workforce to capture this opportunity through the culinary programs in Florence high school and Lane Community College.

Software / I.T.

The Software industry with its high paying jobs is growing faster in Lane County than in Oregon and in the US. There are 430 software firms in the County employing 4,500 people near Eugene. Florence with its high speed fiber optic internet and lower operational costs is the perfect venue for startups or R&D branch offices.

Advanced Forest Products

Florence sits at the mouth of the Siuslaw River, which serves the entire region’s forest products industry. Oregon’s forest products industry is globally competitive, delivering some of the finest Douglas Fir lumber and products in the world. Oregon is setting the stage to become a US leader in the CLT (cross-laminated timber) industry.

Rated Most Beautiful Town in America


Everyone admires Oregon’s lush, green forests, but there’s certainly something alluring about the state’s rugged coastline. Sand dunes and rolling waves border the western edge of Florence, an attractive waterfront town at the mouth of the Siuslaw River. The area is surrounded by scenic vistas, from the nation’s largest sea cave, packed with sea lions, to the aptly named Hobbit Trail, a tree-canopied hike reminiscent of Middle Earth.

-- Chloe Mulliner, 

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