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City Overview: Open for Business

Florence is a forward-looking coastal city that is growing through the investments of the local community. The City’s welcoming approach and small town openness make it an ideal place to access all the best that the Oregon Coast has to offer.  

Florence is located on Oregon's Central Coast in the heart of a recreation paradise. Ours is a business-friendly, charming community almost surrounded by water - the Pacific Ocean, Siuslaw River, and dozens of beautiful lakes draw visitors from around the world. Our safe, small-town ambience is also home to a well-planned industrial park, diverse economy, well-educated and versatile workforce, 500-seat event center, five local theater groups, state-of-the-art movie theater, excellent restaurants, regional and national entertainment, great schools, library, community college, hospital, museums, casino, and a beautiful Historic Old Town district on the Siuslaw River waterfront. Our mild climate is perfect for an active, healthy outdoors lifestyle, and there are limitless opportunities for hiking, fishing, beachcombing, golfing, surfing, kayaking, crabbing, wildlife watching, or riding the sand dunes in all-terrain vehicles or on sandboards. 

Florence’s location in the western agricultural belt and along major West Coast trade routes means essential food items are reasonably priced year-round. Power is generated regionally from abundant natural resources, keeping electric rates among the lowest in the country. Florence businesses benefit from high quality infrastructure such as fiber optic internet and 4G cellular. Nearly 600 business have made Florence their home because they know it’s a place where they can grow. 

In Florence, a healthy business and healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand. Come see what we see!


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