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We've assembled a dynamic and experience team to promote and assist businesses in the Florence Area. We're here to help with any questions you may have. Just give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop by in person at City Hall in beautiful downtown Florence.


Erin Reynolds

Erin is our City Manager. As the City's administrative head, her primary job is to move the City's goals forward and the City's most important new goal for 2017 is Economic Development. After serving the City of Florence for over 3 years as the City's Finance Director and now City Manager, she knows that Economic Development is vital to allowing a City to succeed. 


Kelli Weese

Kelli is our City Recorder / Economic Development Coordinator. She's here to answer all your questions and connect you to the right people. Kelli has served Florence for over 10 years, and is a great starting point for understanding the Florence area including: potential funding tools, steps that you may need to take, and simply starting your venture off on the right foot.


Wendy FarleyCampbell

Wendy is our Planning Director. If you are considering developing or re-developing land in Florence, you will need to talk to Wendy about zoning and permits.






Jesse Dolin

Jesse is our Economic Development Catalyst. As a small-business owner, entrepreneur, and regional resource Jesse is a great person to connect with to discover the many business opportunities in the Florence area.






Economic Development Committee

We've put together a dynamic group of business owners and active citizens to spearhead economic development in Florence. Our team includes Mike Rose, Joe Crenshaw, Meg Spencer, David Wiegan, Steve Earnshaw, Robbie Wright, Chris Chandler (Central Lincoln Peoples Utility District, ex-officio member), Cal Applebee (Florence Area Chamber of Commerce, ex-officio member), Joe Henry (Florence Mayor, ex-officio member), and Erin Reynolds (Florence City Manager, ex-officio member).



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