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City Overview: Community Ecosystem

The City of Florence, Lane Community College Florence Campus and the local Chamber of Commerce have started working with Oregon Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network (RAIN) to add a new element to economic development in the area focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. In hosting events targeted to support this unique business group, ideas and business are beginning to flourish locally.

This momentum in entrepreneur growth is bolstered by Florence’s community culture that is open to innovation and creativity, tapping into its local arts culture to create a downtown founded on activity, community and vibrancy. The Florence Event Center hosts performances, weddings, art galleries and more, regularly attracting people from a regional draw to the city. Florence hosts a variety of community, music, arts and film festivals as well as regular First Fridays in historic Old Town.

Starting a business should be done with the help of a professional (typically an attorney or a CPA) and involves the following simple 7 steps:

  1. register business with the secretery of state (business name search)
  2. sign up for a FEIN online (
  3. with Registry ID and FEIN, open a bank account
  4. apply for Oregon BIN ( if you will have a payroll
  5. find an office space (locate)
  6. signup with the Chamber
  7. promote, network and advertise.

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